iBeacon technology allows companies to provide customers with a better, and more tailored customer experience.

Over a year ago, Apple announced the arrival of a new technology called iBeacon. This technology enables iOS phones to communicate with nearby transmitting devices using Bluetooth technology.

While all of this may sound like something out of a geeky sci-fi movie, there are plenty of reasons for companies to jump onboard the iBeacon bandwagon. While still relatively new, this technology is changing the way consumers shop –and it’s drastically affecting the way that businesses market.

With iBeacon, companies are able to alert customers to price changes, special offers, promotions, and other useful information. With the use of a small wireless transmitter that’s placed on premises at the company’s location, smartphone users are able to receive these updates directly on their phones –when they step into the near vicinity of the store.

For businesses that are looking for ways to offer relevant promotions to their customers, iBeacon offers a low cost and effective solution.

With iBeacon technology and the right business app, small businesses and mega-giants alike can take advantage of this technology and use it to send relevant information to their customers.

Read on to find out how iBeacon and your business app can work together as a powerful marketing tool…

Companies that are looking for a way to encourage customer engagement, and send relevant promotions to customers may want to consider developing an app that’s compatible with iBeacon as a way to provide customers with on-location offers for specific products or services that customers are actually interested in.

  • Notify Customers of Specials and Promotions

Popular shopping centers –like Macy’s and American Eagle are starting to use iBeacon to alert their customers to new offers and specials. Shoppers who pass an iBeacon can get a special alert on their phone, rewarding them with points for entering the store, and providing them with discounts to use in-store.

  • Improve Customer Experience

Companies are starting to use iBeacon technology to help improve the customer experience. iBeacon integration allows companies to provide a faster shopping experience, by informing customers where to find products that they are interested in, and can even help to speed up the checkout process.

  • Engage in Targeted Advertising

One key feature that iBeacon technology offers, is ultra-targeted advertising based on a customer’s proximity. While normal GPS technology is accurate down to a few hundred meters, iBeacon technology allows a mobile app to send contextual content to users that are within a specific section of the store, even down to a few feet. This means that customers standing in the shoe section can receive discount codes for shoes, and customers looking for handbags will receive alerts on brand discounts. This technology also allows businesses to engage customers as soon as they enter an establishment, and provide them with relevant discounts and tools to enhance their shopping experience. This technology can be used to remind customers to checkout items that they may be interested in, that they may have previously seen online.

For business to consumer companies, embracing this technology can have a major impact on customer interaction and engagement. Technology like iBeacon may very well be the future of retail, and companies that embrace this technology will be able to harness the power of targeted advertising, to provide their customers with a faster and better experience –one that’s tailored around their individual preferences and needs.

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Image: drpavloff