When it comes to nearshore software development, a business’s first thought probably isn’t Uruguay.

Despite the small size of the country, the Uruguay software culture is highly advanced. It’s also become one of the preferred nearshore software providers.

With the Uruguayan government defining IT as one of its main priority sectors, the culture will only continue to thrive and grow. If you haven’t considered Uruguay before, now might be the time to discover what the country has to offer.

Advanced Software Development

According to CUTI, Uruguay is one of Latin America’s most advanced software development centers. Despite only have 3.5 million residents, there are over 700 IT companies. Even the Latin Business Chronicle ranked the country as number one in “Technology index in Latin America.”

The country has focused on technology education by providing every child in school with a free laptop. They’ve also worked to provide broadband access to 99% of the population. The idea is to create a workforce that’s prepared to handle IT and software development, making it an ideal nearshore location.

Nearshore Benefits To Businesses

The software industry alone generates approximately $600 million each year. The country also exports to over 50 countries. A main benefit is any exported software isn’t subject to VAT or profit tax. This makes it more affordable to produce software and export to other countries.

With easy access to local talent, with students even receiving a free university education, many businesses are seeing Uruguay as the ideal location for outsourcing their software development needs. Plus, the country is well known for not having natural disasters which means fewer unexpected business disruptions.

It also helps that the culture itself is very similar to the U.S. and Europe. Many even speak fluent English. This makes the country easier to work with with few, if any, cultural misunderstandings.

Solid Economic Growth

Uruguay’s software culture isn’t something that’s going to fade away any time soon. In just the last decade, exports have quadrupled. The country even ranks first in the Political Stability Index in Latin American and 27th globally. With a nice environment and free education, most residents are happy. Once again, the country ranks first in the Legatum Prosperity Index in Latin America. This index measures the economic prosperity and overall quality of life.

A Home For Technology

Both startups and established software development companies are moving to Uruguay or opening branches in the country. TangoCode included. We’re were early adaptors 10 years ago when we saw the benefits of a¬†Nearshore Development office in Uruguay. All of our employees in the office are Scrum certified. We help promote an even more unified culture by offering a rotation program to our employees in Uruguay. They’re able to come to Chicago for two months each year to create a better inter-company working dynamic.

The business benefits, advanced education and similar cultures make it the perfect location for us to provide nearshore software, mobile/web development to clients throughout the world. Plus, the time zone is the same as the east coast of the U.S. This allows our teams to work together without extreme time differences or different office hours.

Fast connection speeds make it possible for us and other technology companies to communicate easily, no matter where they are. Whether it’s Skype, Google Chat or something else, Uruguay offers the best Internet access in South America so businesses stay in touch with team members and clients throughout the development process.


The Uruguay nearshore software culture is thriving. The strong IT focus in the country has many businesses choosing to operate outsourcing facilities there. With stable economics and politics, it’s a safe place with all the resources a business needs.

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Image: Vince Alongi