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Engaging, accurate and real time app.

New Product Creation

Success Story

The Soccer Fan App was conceived, designed and developed by the TangoCode team. Our team saw the demand for an engaging, accurate and real time app to keep fanatic soccer fans up-to-date with their favorite team.

Clubs with Official Fan Apps include:

  • Universidad de Chile Club
  • Universitario de Deportes
  • Club Nacional de Football
  • Millonarios FC



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A Path To Success

Their Story


Soccer Clubs in South America have huge fan bases. The challenge is finding a way for clubs to grow their followers and stay engaged with their fans on a regular basis. Our goal was to create an app that made fans feel like they are apart of the club and provide easy access to valuable content like: key stats and real-time game updates.

Their Objective

Increase Engagement

In order to increase engagement we needed a way for fans to access all available information about their soccer club. We needed to ensure peak performance as millions of people would be accessing this information simultaneously.

Their Challenge

Grow Followers

Features needed to include:

-Integration with a data service to provide real-time information about stats, scores and schedules.
-Club website integration to provide news coverage and player information.
-Accommodating the market : In Chile the majority of the market are Android users so the app needed to ensure against Android fragmentation.
-Having vast amounts of information that needs to be filtered, arranged, transformed into content is useful for the fan.

Their Solution

A Mobile Experience for Fans

With the android app, iOS app to be launched in early 2016, we were able to create a mobile experience for fans with features centered around giving them round the clock access to the information that is most important about their favorite soccer club.

  • Minute by minute play, rich content of statistics and historic information are essentials for any fan. All this accompanied by an intelligent push notification engine that keeps the fans posted with all the incidents of the match being played and more.
  • The interactive dashboard displays results, roster, schedule, news, tweets, standings and are a glance away from the fan from the moment they enter the app.

The app also allows for revenue generation through Ad placeholders and sponsorships.

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